The Harpoen is the school magazine of the St. Ignatiusgymnasium in Amsterdam. This secondary school has approximately 800 students aged 12-18. The Harpoen was founded in 1918, nowadays students and parents alike enjoy reading it.

This year we plan to make some major improvements within the Harpoen. For the first time in history, it will be printed in full colour. It will be a 32 page magazine which includes more quality than ever before. For example: interesting interviews, teacher’s quotes, opinions, fashion do’s and dont’s, poetry, Pimp my Bike and its own prize contest.

To make all this possible, we have to cover a certain part of our financial needs by selling advertisements. There are numerous ways of placing an advertisement in The Harpoen:

Advertising Possibilities

Full page advertisement – Euro 200
1/2 page advertisement – Euro 130
Mentioning of the name of your company in magazine – Euro 30

We would like to remind you that your advertisement will be printed in full colour, just like the rest of the magazine. Advertisements must be sent to harpoen@ig.nl, as an image file (of any kind, JPEG, GIF, etc.).

Please contact one of our editors if you would like to place an advertisement in our school magazine or if you have further questions at harpoen@ig.nl.

The Valentine Edition of the Harpoen was made possible by:

Canali Boutique
Paule Carré Art Gallery
De Nieuwe School
Gentle Exclusive Gifts
Tea in the City
Instituut de Leeuw
Restaurant Sal Gorda
De Studiekring
Concerto CD en DVD speciaalzaak

The Christmas Edition of the Harpoen was made possible by:

Carlsson Culture
Paule Carré Art and Interior
Boekhandel van Rossum
Willemspark OG
Kaasspeciaalzaak Den Hollander
Boekhandel Mulder
Willem Herter
Snackbar Le Sud

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